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The Power of IT. Simplicity of Management.


The Power of IT.

Simplicity of Management.

NJVC proudly serves the needs of the United States government and critical commercial entities. We deliver Enterprise Management & Monitoring and Software Services for customers with secure requirements. We align and maintain enterprises so they are as business and mission-focused as you.

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Federal Government

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Federal Government

For more than 20 years, NJVC has helped the government with its missions. We provide the highest quality of enterprise services for a variety of federal agencies. Meet the engine of the secure, integrated enterprise. At NJVC, we deliver IT automation, optimization, and cybersecurity in every project to make IT a tool for success, not a burden to be managed. Across customer enterprises, we unleash the power of IT without adding complexity in management.


IT for the Mission of Defense

Since 2000, NJVC has helped define, build, manage, and transform the defense enterprise into an automated, integrated tool for success with the simple goal of making IT a tool of efficiency and an enabler of the mission, rather than a burden to be managed.

The security required in operations supporting intelligence gathering and the warfighter isn’t just a corporate value we built to support the needs of the intelligence community. It’s coded into our professional DNA.

Our mission-focused approach ensures customers generate the maximum value of their IT spend. In an era of do-more-with-less, NJVC emphasizes a do-more-with-everything approach, carefully considering legacy investments, emerging technologies, and services integration to find the right balance to produce high-value IT results that enable mission success. Unlike product vendors, our goal is to provide our customers with the best services and offerings regardless of origination. Our flexible, agile approach allows our customers the freedom of innovation, to move IT at the speed of need, from operations and maintenance, through emerging technology paradigms.

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Great Enough for Government Work

NJVC is proud to support the critical goals of the federal government. We deliver mission-enabling IT through Enterprise Management & Monitoring and Software Services, wrapped in our corporate commitment to intelligent IT automation and faultless cybersecurity.

From emerging technologies like application virtualization and increased efficiency in operations to longstanding core functions like service desk, network monitoring, cybersecurity, and data center consolidation, NJVC leverages lessons learned in 20+ years of supporting some of the most demanding IT environments in the world. Our solutions are carefully tailored to suit the needs of individual federal agencies, needs NJVC understands, are as unique as your mission.

At NJVC, our solutions are not one-size-fits-all or tethered to our off-the-shelf products. We leverage the most strategically aligned technology to provide the best solutions for your enterprise. Our solutions ensure high performance and agility to allow you to spend less time monitoring your IT enterprise so you can focus on your mission.

We let customers focus on the mission. We focus on everything that makes your mission possible.


Trusted Partner with Technical Proficiency

NJVC is proud to provide world-class professional IT services and support for federal customers through our contract vehicles. Explore our contract vehicles below and find out how you can work with us.

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From healthcare to manufacturing, we help secure data, applications, and infrastructure, leveraging the lessons learned from the frontline supporting defense and intelligence customers. We provide assessments across our range of products to help your agency better manage data centers, prepare for cloud migration or best prepare your cybersecurity posture.


World-Class Engineering for Hometown Projects

We leverage the technology that supports the world’s most critical missions to protect and optimize commercial customers with secure requirements.

Our commercial capabilities help customers:

  • Better manage even the most complex enterprise through better dashboards, reporting, and professional engineering in enterprise management and monitoring.
  • Establish defense in depth and a cybersecurity posture compliant with HIPAA, FISMA and other standards.
  • Migrate critical applications to the cloud within a secure framework.
  • Determine and deploy the right mix of on-premises and in-cloud IT for your enterprise.