Energize Your Enterprise

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Energize Your Enterprise

NJVC delivers information technology and strategic solutions to our customers. Our niche is providing IT solutions for customers—intelligence, military and federal agencies and commercial entities—with highly-secure IT requirements. For more than 20 years, we have made a name for ourselves as a trusted partner to our customers and have evolved into one of the largest IT contractors working with the Department of Defense.

We do not believe in cookie-cutter solutions for our customers. For every project, we partner with our customers to assess their situation and provide the best solutions for measurable, tangible success. Delivering programs on time and on budget—no matter the size of the task at hand—is at the core of our promise to our customers and our business philosophy.

We have perfected a unique formula for success, and possess a proven record of providing performance, commitment and value to our customers.

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Achieving Your Mission, Iteration by Iteration

We don't write software for everyone. We write it for you.

Software is more than just applications. Software is what turns IT capability into positive mission outcomes.

We partner with national security agencies to determine exact needs and write custom-designed software that makes the mission more achievable. Line by line, from small iterative improvements to extensive mission tools, NJVC can design the perfect software to achieve your mission goals.

We help federal agencies stay ahead of what’s next. From application modernization to cloud enablement, we build tomorrow’s enterprise while maximizing today’s performance. We remain agile throughout solution delivery to continuously meet rapidly evolving requirements as environments and mission needs change.

Founded upon the principles of built-in quality, alignment to customer mission, agility, systems thinking, and continuous delivery — our solutions can integrate your enterprise, reduce expense through streamlined capabilities, and enhance user experience.

Application Modernization and Development

Application modernization provides the means to maintain useful legacy applications by allowing them to transition to a new platform. NJVC’s modernization service can take advantage of cloud provided services, while optimizing performance and minimizing operations and maintenance costs. Additionally, modernization can reduce security risks and increase performance and user experience by enhancing interoperability with modern operating systems, web servers, databases, and web browsers.

Our applications are custom-built and mission-specific. We build your applications so they are data-centric, user-friendly, and meet stringent requirements for security, administration, and maintenance. Our applications grow from numerous initial and evolving functional requirements that work together to form a system that interacts with other enterprise systems. We build interfaces that can be optimized on a browser or a mobile device.

Agile Process Management

Our agile process encompasses services designed to lead an organization to agile adoption, enhance their current agile adoption, or train and certify members of the organization in agile methodologies.

We have partnered with SAFe Agile to provide agile training and the latest agile processes and methodologies to your project.

Cloud Services

Better scalability. Better availability. Better missions.

The promise of the cloud. The guarantee of mission-proven security. We help customers make cloud computing work for their enterprise. We offer automated migration tools and sophisticated architecture built on years deploying cloud computing for intelligence customers. NJVC delivers the power of the cloud without the expense of maintaining staff and tools. It’s your cloud strategy without the stress.

The NJVC Cloudcuity™ Framework supports scalable services offering to address all aspects of Cloud migration from start to finish. It’s cloud so well-thought-out, the only thing you’ll notice is the savings.

Big Data

NJVC uses industry-leading techniques and resources to conduct inspections, cleaning, transforming, and data modeling. Our service consists of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision making for your enterprise. We can perform data analytics on entire organizations to smaller subsets to support the mission.


Enterprise Security for Critical Missions

We do more than simply secure IT. We protect your mission.

Our end-to-end cybersecurity solutions ensure the availability of critical IT for the federal government, including national security, and federal civilian agencies, as well as commercial customers. We defend thousands of users, petabytes of data, and hundreds of networks while supporting continuous services without interruption from cyber-attacks.

We operate with an enterprise focus. NJVC ensures cybersecurity is applied at every level, from infrastructure to applications to end-user behavior. Our multi-layer, defense-in-depth approach creates a resilient enterprise that protects all IT infrastructure and data created, used, and stored without the gaps of traditional standalone cyber offerings. From assessments to managed services to network and end-user defense, we provide full lifecycle services across the enterprise.

We deliver mission assurance, so you can focus on what matters most. The NJVC Cyber Fusion Framework is a continuous monitoring solution with proven performance in support of some of the world’s most demanding customers in the defense and intelligence communities. It provides a unified, real-time view of enterprise cybersecurity. Cyber Fusion aggregates and correlates data from network resources, connected devices, directories, and cybersecurity tools to offers continuous detection and monitoring so your enterprise is always secure.

Infrastructure Virtualization

For most federal agencies, IT modernization is both complex and overdue. Concerns about security and pressure to keep mission priorities funded first mean agencies are often squeezing one more year of life out of outdated, expensive-to-maintain hardware.

NJVC helps customers increase the capability of their IT enterprise while decreasing the expense and difficulty of management through infrastructure migration and virtualization solutions. Whether migrating physical infrastructures to the cloud or virtual infrastructures, we help clients modernize while increasing mission capacity. As an enterprise-focused IT company, we help take the complexity out of management, replacing expensive data centers with an infrastructure maintained from a dashboard.