Energize Your Enterprise

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Energize Your Enterprise

NJVC delivers information technology and strategic solutions to our customers. Our niche is providing IT solutions for customers—intelligence, military, and federal agencies and commercial entities—with highly-secure IT requirements. For more than 20 years, we have made a name for ourselves as a trusted partner to our customers and have evolved into one of the largest IT contractors working with the Department of Defense.

We do not believe in cookie-cutter solutions for our customers. For every project, we partner with our customers to assess their situation and provide the best solutions for measurable, tangible success. Delivering programs on time and on budget—no matter the size of the task at hand—is at the core of our promise to our customers and our business philosophy.

We have perfected a unique formula for success, and possess a proven record of providing performance, commitment, and value to our customers.

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Enterprise IT Without Compromise

Meet the engine of the secure, integrated enterprise. At NJVC, we deliver IT automation, optimization, and cybersecurity in every project to make IT a tool for success, not a burden to manage. Across customer enterprises, we unleash the power of IT without adding complexity in management.

NJVC delivers information technology and strategic solutions to our customers. Our niche is providing IT solutions for customers—intelligence, military, and other federal agencies, and commercial entities—with industry-leading standards. For more than 20 years, we have made a name for ourselves as a trusted partner to our customers.

Custom Enterprise Tools

IT enterprises are not always developed according to a blueprint. Groups working in silos often deploy redundant applications. Our custom tools help unify your enterprise and reduce the overhead associated with extraneous processes and end-user confusion.

We build integration tools to maximize the efficiency of your enterprise. We create cascading savings in reduced overhead and processes, such as automating software downloads, self-service helpdesk, role-based reporting, custom dashboards, and more. As a technology-agnostic integrator, we continually analyze your environment to find areas for improvement, empowering our customers to gain a greater impact out of IT.

Helpdesk and Workflow

More help. Less overhead. Less hassle. We automate helpdesk tasks, increase self-help capabilities, and integrate service offerings to make stove-piped support desks into integrated, cost-effective solutions centers.

We create a cycle of efficiency, empowering end-users to solve low priority issues while freeing up technicians to solve more complex challenges. The result is a continuously improving enterprise where the most critical needs get the most attention.

Empowering the end-user allows better resource allocation without negatively impacting the mission. Our solutions provide more than better staff; we provide better answers.

As a trusted partner of national security missions, we specialize in providing service desk solutions for customers with high-security requirements.

Monitoring and Visualization

Your mission depends on your IT enterprise. NJVC gives customers a trusted, vigilant partner to let you focus on the mission without the worry of IT interruption.

Total Asset Management

We offer a full range of management services for your IT assets. NJVC makes it easy to track your current end-of-life (EoL), and end-of-service-life (EoSL) Equipment. We also provide asset logistics, procurement, warehouse & transportation, configuration, and shipping & deployment. We take the guesswork out of managing your IT assets, from the beginning to the end.

Project/Change Management

NJVC offers a full range of project management and change management services. From start to finish, our team will review, assess, manage, analyze, and provide expert support for all aspects of your project from start to finish.

Optimizing and Leveraging IT for Mission Success

NJVC’s professional engineering services provide full lifecycle management to achieve your mission. NJVC is a leader in the design, testing, and deployment of IT process automation solutions that increase return on investment, reduce total cost of ownership, and improve quality of service. Our solutions are designed for IT environments with the highest security and risk management requirements.

Strategic Planning & Design

Our innovation and renovation services begin with a full assessment of your enterprise, developing clear documentation of requirements, and devising plans for consolidation, migration, automation, and management. From to-be strategy and planning, to enterprise architecture and IT assessments, to modeling and simulation, our systems engineers will evaluate the unique strengths, weaknesses, and potential of your organization.

Systems Engineering & Configuration Management

Our professional engineering and implementation services include vendor solution design, configuration, implementation, and maintenance. We develop detailed engineering plans and specifications according to your mission requirements. We also conduct systems testing, evaluation, and inspections throughout the duration of the project lifecycle, maintaining constant communication with our customers to ensure transparency and customer satisfaction.

When consistency is key, NJVC guarantees visibility, efficiency, and control in the performance and functionality of your system.

Geospatial Engineering Services

NJVC provides the right information, in the right location, every time. We have a large variety of geospatial services that includes chart and map production, geospatial engineering, geospatial and imagery analytics, data analytics, data science, full-motion video, Esri ArcGIS, open-source GIS, content management, and data and product dissemination. We deliver the right data at the right time to support your enterprise and the mission.