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Managed Desktop Infrastructure: A Complete Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solution

The benefits that a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure offers an organization cannot be realized by simply building virtual machines. As with managing traditional desktops the overall sophistication of management of the VDI environmentdetermines the savings. NJVC has constructed a holistic VDI offer: the Managed Desktop Infrastructure (MDI)—a combination of VDI and the management of the VDI environment that enables a streamlined process for migrating and maintaining the operating system, applications and the user persona between devices in this environment. With VDI delivering the benefits of mobility, security and rapid scalability, user experience is improved.

VDI empowers end users to securely perform work whenever and wherever they are located, while allowing organizations to dynamically scale to meet new demands and capabilities. A centralized computing approach is a major change to how an organization delivers and performs business, and will require a shift to information technology as a commodity to maximize return on investment and improve business value. The NJVC VDI solution delivers a secure and scalable computing approach, while embracing the individuality that IT consumerization brings. Our tiered approach and IT automation enables the achievement of IT as a commodity—meaning simplified and standardized. VDI provides the centralized infrastructure to foster simplification and standardization by using the same resources and solutions across organizations rather than separate stovepipe solutions to solve individual business area needs.VDI provides the common infrastructure and with the proper approach and implementation an organization can realize its full benefits.

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