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NJVC is a proud awardee of the Army Cloud Computing Enterprise Transformation (ACCENT) Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) by the U.S. Army Program Executive Office, providing DoD organizations a contract vehicle to procure commercial Cloud Service Offerings (CSO) and IT technical support to transition enterprise applications to a commercial cloud environment.

The ACCENT BOA allows NJVC to help DoD organizations move designated IT applications, systems, and associated data to authorized commercial Cloud Service Providers (CSPs). Valued at $248.7 million, ACCENT is the preferred contract vehicle to obtain commercial cloud hosting, transition support, and application modernization services.

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  • Improved asset utilization
  • Aggregated demand and accelerated system consolidation (e.g., Federal Data Center Consolidation initiative)
  • Improved productivity in application development, application management, network, and end-user devices
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  • Purchase “as-a-Service” from trusted cloud providers near-instantaneous increases and reductions in capacity
  • More responsive to urgent agency needs
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  • Shift focus from asset ownership to service management
  • Tap into private sector innovation
  • Encourages entrepreneurial culture
  • Better linked to emerging technologies

Roles & Responsibilities

Mission Organization

  • Identify applications to move to cloud
  • Identify/appoint Order Contracting Officer (OCO)
  • Adhere to the requirements and procedures defined in the contract vehicle ordering guidelines
  • Define requirements and justify to the agency/organization OCO that the requested work is within scope of the contract vehicle
  • Prepare Task Order (TO) requirements package (consult with OCO on TO requirements)
  • Fund the work to be performed
  • Provide personnel to assist in evaluating proposal
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Ordering Contracting Office

  • Designate COR
  • The OCO’s authority is limited to the individual TOs
  • Responsible for requesting, obtaining and evaluating proposals/quotations and for obligating funds for orders issued
  • Reserves the right to withdraw and cancel a task if issues pertaining to the proposed task arise that cannot be satisfactorily resolved

Product Lead, Enterprise Computing

  • Advises application owners on how ACCENT can best be used to meet requirements
  • Provides application owners with initial guidance for transition to approved hosting environment
  • Functions as the Army’s point of contact for enterprise system and application migration efforts
  • Assists capability owners by providing tools and guidance for gathering technical requirements. This information is the foundation for the Army Application Migration Business Office’s (AAMBO) detailed analysis of the system or application’s attributes and development of a migration support strategy
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How to Use ACCENT

ACCENT contracting activities are decentralized. Mission Organizations moving applications to the cloud will perform all contracting requirements and develop and issue the RFP. Task Orders (TOs) will be issued through CHESS and competed among CSPs authorized to provide cloud services.

For more information on issuing orders under ACCENT, email