Achieving Your Mission, Iteration by Iteration

We don't write software for everyone. We write it for you.

Software is more than just applications. Software is what turns IT capability into positive mission outcomes.

We partner with national security agencies to determine exact needs and write custom-designed software that makes mission more achievable, line by line, from small iterative improvements to large mission tools.

We help federal agencies stay ahead of what's next. From application modernization to cloud enablement, we build tomorrow's enterprise while maximizing today's performance. We remain agile throughout solution delivery to continuously meet rapidly evolving requirements as environments and mission needs change.


NJVC’s software services practice creates solutions that help national security customers efficiently and effectively achieve mission outcomes. 

20   years providing software services to defense and intelligence agencies

75%   of our software services team is cleared at TS/SCI or above

25%   maintain SAFe certifications, including agilists, practitioners and 4.0 with SPC certifications

Founded upon the principles of built-in quality, alignment to customer mission, agility, systems thinking, and continuous delivery, our solutions can integrate your enterprise, reduce expense through streamlined capabilities and enhance user experience.

How do we do it? Through six core service offerings:


Enterprise Application Development 

Enterprise applications are data-centric and user-friendly and meet stringent requirements for security, administration and maintenance. These applications grow from numerous initial and evolving functional requirements which work together to form a system that interacts with other enterprise systems.


Mission Application Development

Mission applications are generally custom-built or contain custom-built functionality to enable customers to provide the mission-specific product or data required for national security purposes. Specific areas of specialty include data conditioning, data exploitation, analysis tools and production tools.


Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications are custom-built applications designed for specific mobile devices and their associated operating systems or are optimized for use on a browser on a mobile device.


Application Modernization 

Application modernization provides the means to maintain useful legacy applications but allow them to transition to a new platform or into a cloud environment, while taking advantage of cloud provided services, which optimizes performance and minimizes operations and maintenance costs. Additionally, modernization can reduce security risks and increase performance and user experience by enhancing interoperability with modern operating systems, web servers, databases and web browsers.


Enterprise Services Enablement 

Enterprise services enablement seeks to introduce common application models or application programming interfaces to effectively facilitate the sharing of information between disparate enterprise systems so that they can feed information or services to each other or call from a common data source.


Agile Process Management 

Agile process encompasses services designed to lead an organization to agile adoption, enhance their current agile adoption, or train and certify members of the organization in agile methodologies.