Your Path to the Cloud Has Never Been Clearer

The promise of the cloud is overshadowed by the complexity of change and the uncertainty of impact on your mission. What should be migrated? What benefits will I actually see? Can I maintain business continuity and security?  

At NJVC, cloud solutions don't have be a compromise. Our mission-proven cloud migration practice helps customers unlock the benefits of cloud computing without the risk to mission. Through 15 years of IT revolution, NJVC has helped federal and commercial customers leverage technology to improve business outcomes. Our enterprise approach helps move your applications, data, and infrastructure to the cloud to produce an IT enterprise tailor-fit your needs. We help you understand how the cloud can impact improve mission and business performance, not just impact your bottom line.

From turnkey cloud migration to application migration and conversion to infrastructure virtualization and cloud consulting, we help customers save money, gain flexibility and increase mission capability. Anxiety not included. 


Better IT. Better Management. Better Mission.

We help customers modernize and integrate sprawling IT enterprises into manageable cloud-based assets.

We believe Cloud First doesn't mean Mission Second. We help customers with secure requirements best align IT to mission, meeting critical goals of the government's cloud-first mandate while modernizing infrastructure and increasing scalability.

Most importantly, we understand cloud migration is a process and part of a larger IT lifecycle to provide the best IT tools to our customers. We help customers avoid cost leakage associated with shadow IT, developing and executing plans to retire legacy IT in favor of cloud solutions, rather than maintaining both. We develop management plans and scalability to help transform your enterprise today and prepare it for growth tomorrow.


Framework for Success

The decision to leverage the power of cloud computing is just the first step to migration.

NJVC brings repeatable process and enterprise expertise to find the best solutions for your needs from the wide array of choices We map client goals to cloud providers and deliver as much or as little assistance to migrate and manage IT in the cloud. Our three step process is flexible for individual needs and aligns with the federal Cloud First initiative.

Assess: Identify which services to migrate, the benefits sought through migration, and the best solutions to meet your needs.

Align & Integrate: Determine where efficiencies can be found at the highest scale possible, aggregating demand. Ensure interoperability. We help you develop plans to sunset legacy infrastructure and applications to eliminate savings leakage to shadow IT.

Administer: We manage hybrid IT enterprises or simply prepare our customers to get the most out of their cloud solution. 


A Partner for Progress

Most importantly, NJVC provides a steady partner for a complex process. Our solutions aren't one size fits all or limited by our own proprietary tools. We can help integrate your cloud into an enterprise or leverage commercial service providers. We find solutions that fit our customers's needs and allow growth, scalability and simplicity in management. We can serve as a cloud services broker to inject agility into your management.  As an enterprise service provider, we offer full lifecycle from consulting thorough hybrid IT management, all wrapped in our foundational commitment to security.

No matter the solution, we put your mission first, not our technology.