The Power of Tomorrow's IT, Delivered Today

NJVC delivers enterprise-class hybrid IT optimization and transformation. We align IT to customer need by selecting the right combination of on-premises and cloud solutions, deployed with our legacy commitment to security and simplified enterprise management.

In the cloud. On premises. The cloud computing revolution means the only list longer than the benefits of a hybrid enterprise is the bewildering array of choices.

Deploying hybrid technologies means faster speed to deployment, unmatched cost savings, more agile procurement, and bimodal IT supporting both traditional and new computing practices. It can also mean more complex strategy, more intensive vendor management and greater concern about security across multiple platforms.

NJVC helps customers transform sprawling enterprises into mission-scale hybrid IT. We serve as a partner in continual optimization of your IT, through assessments, ongoing management, deployment of dashboards and service portals, and integration brokerage services.

We don't just align and manage hybrid IT. We deliver a more capable mission enterprise.

Understanding Hybrid IT

Hybrid IT is the culmination of modern IT possibilities, combining public, private and community clouds as well as on-premises assets to create a seamless, tailor-fit  enterprise. Effective hybrid solutions allow customers to work between clouds and local environments without difficult transitions. Improved performance due to increased elasticity and optimized IT through cloud solutions means better mission support. Integration brokerage means cost savings due to infrastructure based on utilization rates. Automation helps make certain your enterprise has the IT it needs and no more. Custom portals deliver a one-stop shop with an IT enterprise always at your fingertips, even if it's miles away.

Hybrid IT isn't just a concept. It's mission IT, optimized.

Going for Brokerage. A Winning Play.

NJVC injects agility into the enterprise with integration brokerage. We manage mixed vendor sourcing and streamline billing, vendor pre-vetting, auditing and SLA monitoring, so customers have a clear view of their hybrid enterprise without the complexity of management. It's more choice and more savings without impact to mission.

Hybrid IT Assessment

Let us help determine how your agency or business can benefit from a hybrid IT approach. We consider operations models, sourcing models and security controls to determine the right solution of technologies to maximize performance, reduce cost and ensure continuity.

Contact us to find out how hybrid IT can revolutionize your enterprise.