Dashboards and Reporting

“Everything,” customers groan, “has a dashboard.”

For federal agencies, understanding the health status of their IT enterprise is often not a question of too much noise to find the signal, it’s a problem of too many signals to know where to pay attention.

At NJVC, our dashboards and reporting do more than just produce numbers. As an enterprise service provider, we produce unified visibility and single-pane-of-glass views. We put the status of your IT projects at your fingertips.


Dashboards Built for the Customer

NJVC’s dashboards deliver the most important information first, synthesizing the array of dashboards, data and systems into simple, actionable intelligence. Our dashboards correlate data against key performance indicators (KPIs) of your enterprise, so we can anticipate IT impact to mission before it happens.

We deploy role-based views to deliver the most critical information to the most critical personnel and the most relevant information to your job to every dashboard user.

We focus on data analytics, trend analysis and intuitive visualization to provide precise big picture views, instead of merely lists. The result is actionable intelligence and predictive, proactive support built on the experience of 15 years as an enterprise management provider.

Everything has a dashboard. NJVC has a solution.



NJVC’s mission-watch officers and systems operations center capabilities add constant vigilance, ensuring your enterprise is monitored and maintained without requiring continuous customer oversight. Role-based reporting creates a wide range of interpretation of data, tailored to the specific needs of your organization's users. 

We deliver meaning, not just data.