Infrastructure Virtualization 

For most federal agencies, IT modernization is both complex and overdue. Concerns about security and pressure to keep mission priorities funded before IT upgrades mean agencies are often squeezing one more year of life out of outdated, expensive-to-maintain hardware.

NJVC helps customers increase the capability of their IT enterprise while decreasing expense and difficulty of management through infrastructure migration and virtualization solutions. Whether migrating physical infrastructure to the cloud or physical infrastructure to virtual infrastructure, we help clients modernize while increasing mission capacity. As an enterprise-focused IT firm, we help take the complexity out of management, replacing expensive data centers with infrastructure maintained from a dashboard.

More Than Platform

We help customers with more than just platform-as-a-service migration. Storage devices. Load balancing. Networking. We can help customers deploy to commercial infrastructure-as-a-service providers, community clouds or public or hybrid solutions.

Virtualization Customer Benefits

Infrastructure virtualization lets customers put more time and expense into applications and mission objectives rather than the technology supporting them. We can help customers achieve breakthrough efficiency through:

Simplified Management: Instead of sprawling data centers and dissimilar architecture, have your IT infrastructure status constantly available. Push patches to your enterprise from a single interface. Our EMM solution, hybrid solutions or award winning dashboards

Lower cost of ownership: Reduce lifecycle costs of owning and maintaining hardware, compounded by decreased energy uses and support services

Increase availability: While physical servers often have to be taken offline for patches and repairs, workflow can easily be migrated between virtual servers without the expense of maintaining overflow servers. Moreover, virtual infrastructures are more scalable to allow sudden growth or decline.

Better Resource Pooling: Build an elastic IT enterprise and lower the costs of underutilized hardware.

Leverage Automation: Custom scripts can spin up servers for demand and shut down servers in low usage.

Easier Lifecycle Management: Virtual or cloud-based infrastructure can be replaced easily, ensuring the latest technology without the lengthy and difficult procurement cycles of ownership.