Assessments, Strategy and Consulting

Under the federal government’s data center consolidation program and Cloud First computing strategy, departments and agencies have been mandated to implement cloud technologies to support their missions. However, many IT teams lack experience with this technology. The NJVC Cloudcuity™ Framework supports a scalable services offering to address:

  • Organizational strategy and enterprise-wide cloud services mapping
  • Existing infrastructure and application migration and optimization
  • Pilot program standup and evaluation
  • From strategic mapping to detailed migration assessments, NJVC Cloud Services helps departments and agencies assess all aspects of an application’s cloud viability by specifying:
  • Demand variability
  • Architecture requirements
  • Cultural change implications

NJVC consultants help implementation teams plan an effective architecture, compare vendors and analyze ROI. This process optimizes service provider allocations across three critical evaluation criteria: mission/organizational goals, cost and quality of service.

We can also provide strategic input on fit to mission, security, redundancy and maintenance strategies unique to the federal community. Since cloud computing represents such a significant change in the computing business model, we provide clients with expert support for cultural change management as part of cloud migration and deployment.

The NJVC Cloud Services framework offers two assessment options that differ in the breadth and scope of application discovery, as well as the completeness of migration planning services provided. The programs are:


Cloud Computing Mission Value Assessment

A three-day program for agencies or departments looking to quickly assess application readiness and cost benefits for migration for three applications.


Cloud Strategy Planning and Migration Program

A 30-day program that evaluates the cloud readiness of up to six applications, provides specific cloud service provider recommendations based on operational capabilities and costing models, and delivers a migration and deployment project plan.

Each program emphasizes core principles of the NJVC services framework, including:

  • Implementation of a standardized cloud opportunity identification process that reduces project risk by leveraging data on successful cloud implementations
  • Focus on specific economic, operational and service metrics with explicit linkage to mission requirements
  • Utilization of a gate-driven cloud adoption process that accelerates the delivery of capabilities while using foundational tools that support vendor-neutral deployments and avoid contractual lock in
  • Strict acknowledgement of the critical regulations governing cloud technology adoption, including Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) and Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA)

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