Application Migration and Conversion

Better scalability. Better availability. Better missions.

NJVC helps customers migrate common and critical applications to the cloud, realizing the benefits of scalability and cost savings without compromising security or mission performance. We help customers develop an agile enterprise tightly aligned to business need.

Start With Strategy

The decision to migrate applications or convert applications to support thin clients is just the first step. Our migration process begins with understanding your desired outcomes, not just your requirements. What are the business drivers? What level of security is required? Do your applications need to be refactored? Is there a commercially available application that can deliver the same level of functionality?

Finding the Right Approach

NJVC helps customers to cloud-based applications through four primary methods.

Rehosting: Rehosting is the simplest and fastest way to reach the cloud. Engineers simply lift and shift your application without little to no reworking of its architecture. While it may restrict scalability, rehosting is often the best option for highly customized solutions.

Refactoring: We help customers leverage existing frameworks and application architecture, while reworking the application to work with a new platform as a service offering.  Refactoring is more labor intensive, but helps your application tap into the native benefits of cloud computing.

Revising: Our engineers help customers build better applications while simultaneously making them cloud-ready.

Replacing: NJVC helps customers determine if readily available commercial solutions might be used instead of existing applications, allowing your mission goals to be met with software-as-a-service offerings.