Cloud Migration as a Service

NJVC delivers the power of the cloud without the expense of maintaining staff and tools to get there. It's your cloud strategy without the stress.

We help customers move virtual and physical assets into the cloud and between clouds.  We work closely with customers to understand their needs, then develop a cloud migration strategy that provides optimum mission benefit.

We save customers the time of manual migration and the expense of  rebuilding applications in the cloud. We help lift server workloads directly from existing environments and deploy into a new environment, while maintaining security for your business.


Assessment: Consultation with the customer helps understand your business goals. We protect your business against possible disruption and develop a strategy for achieving your business goals while maintaining continuity.

Planning: We work with customers to meet their timelines and needs and commit to a deployment schedule

Migration: We can work with public cloud providers or work within a private cloud to stand up infrastructure, platforms or applications

Optimization and Delivery: We fine tune could and increase customer comfort with cloud-based service.