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Faster migrations. Greater agility. Simplified management. It’s how the Intelligence Community raises mission capability to the next power, the power of cloud.

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NJVC, a trusted mission partner since 2001, helps the Intelligence Community cut through the fog of hype and unleash the power of the cloud with the expertise only an IC native brings.

We’ve helped guide the IC enterprise through 15 years of IT revolution. Now we’re helping agencies thrive in the era of cloud, delivering technology to support missions which require greater co-operation, agility, and interoperability than ever before.

We help you get to the cloud faster and more securely with Migration Engineering SM, the first migration discipline built specifically for the IC.

With our longstanding commitment to mission enablement and security, NJVC helps you find the right mix of in-cloud and on-prem solutions for the unique needs of the IC.

Only NJVC combines a legacy of continuous enterprise solutions with a pioneering role in the IC’s cloud revolution.

Why NJVC? We know your mission. We know your technology. We do more than deliver IT. We raise mission capability to the next power.

Dynamic Cloud Strategy

  • Business intelligence monitoring
  • Continuous improvement through DevOps

We increase the value of your migration by creating a cloud migration plan that doesn’t merely put your app on the cloud, but puts it in the cloud, taking advantage of the native capabilities. And as mission needs change and other circumstances change, our set of migration processes help you stay on course.

Faster migration. Greater mission impact. It begins with strategy.

Our Migration Engineering SM team will help you chart your path into the cloud and through sustainment, utilizing dynamic processes as well as mission-proven experience migrating applications in the IC. We create a Cloud Migration Situation Report to monitor status and impact of each step.

Our strategy includes:

  • Identifying key objectives
  • Creating destination architecture
  • Application Readiness Evaluation
  • Developing repeatable deployment processes for your agency

Standardized App Assessment

Once evaluated, we recommend the right level of cloud migration for your specific needs:

  • Full migration: Migration of all service components to the cloud
  • Hybrid migration: Service components split between local and cloud.
  • Limited migration: Few or no components are migrated.

Our IC-proven MC2 Application Readiness Assessments apply a standard set of criteria against your applications and your mission’s needs to determine which applications are suitable for migration and whether they should be re-hosted, re-factored, re-built or replaced to maximize the value of your cloud migration.

Centralized Shared Services

We save you time and expense, avoiding a ground-up build for each application.

To find out which shared services are available for your project, or to best plan how to centralize new shared services for your next migration, contact us.

We’ve migrated more than 50 shared services to every classification level, meaning that core services, such as network time, security patching, and DNS are already available for your use.

Commercial cloud services often do not provide shared services to the Intelligence Community. Our base services are built specifically for the unique and stringent needs of the IC, delivering the assurance of a mission proven partner with the scalability of the cloud.


Supercharged Data Migration

Since 2014, we’ve helped execute some of the largest data migrations from the IC into Amazon’s C2S cloud.  We can move your data as fast as your bandwidth allows, dramatically reducing timelines for data sets, which often range into the petabytes.

App transition is only part of the equation. Our IC-proven bulk data migration accelerates the transition of large sets of data. In the Intelligence Community, data sets often require encryption, which adds an additional layer of complexity.

Cloud-Enabled Cyber Security

These small changes to your cyber strategy approach can significantly speed up your migration and reduce ongoing support costs without jeopardizing mission integrity.

We help you get to the cloud without worry about cyber intrusion,  while maintaining current security controls throughout the transition.

It’s faster migration, smaller footprints, same security.

As a trusted IC mission partner and enterprise solutions provider since 2001, we understand the centrality of cyber security to the IC mission.

We also understand accreditation processes whether on-prem or in the cloud. Our accreditation approach maximizes transference and reduces the overall number of cloud-based security packages without compromising mission.


Corporate Headquarters

14295 Park Meadows Drive
Chantilly, VA 20151

NJVC St. Louis

1010 Market Street Suite 1440
St. Louis, MO 63101

Center for Technology Integration

1677 Mansion Way
O’Fallon, IL 62269

Get to the Cloud

For federal agencies, getting to the cloud has long been as much an act of exploration as of technology. And, like most explorations, the cloud was a destination without a road map. NJVC’s Migration Engineering SM turns the meandering paths to the cloud into a superhighway for enterprise-wide application migration.

The only cloud migration discipline designed to support agency-wide migration of systems, data, and applications, Migration Engineering SM is fast-tracking the IC’s cloud transition.

Built with the experience of 15 years in IC enterprise transformation, NJVC’s comprehensive suite of services produce a roadmap that identifies each step on the path to the cloud, including which apps to migrate, their relative priority and complexity, and a detailed technical solution that maximizes the mission benefits of the cloud.

Coupled with our cloud accelerators, we get you to the cloud faster and more reliably, and increase the value of your cloud migration so you’re not simply rebuilding your IT, you’re reimagining it.

Own the Cloud

Hybrid IT

We help agencies transform growing enterprises into mission-scale hybrid IT. We serve as a partner, supporting the continual optimization of your IT through assessments, ongoing management, deployment of dashboards and service portals, and integration brokerage services.

We create scalable enterprises that spin-up compute power when needed and stand down when not, so you pay only for the IT you need.

We then help simplify management, so your IT is easy to understand and full capability is at your fingertips, regardless of where your IT is located.

We create single pane of views that integrate cloud and on-prem solutions, so you can identify and mitigate any potential issues wherever they occur. Hybrid IT isn’t a threat to mission, it’s the culmination of modern IT possibilities and the engine of the continuously mission-aligned enterprise.

We take the anxiety of modern IT, helping agencies find the right mix of in-cloud and on-prem solutions tailored to the unique needs of the IC.


Our software services group builds custom enterprise automation solutions to allow your staff to focus on what matters most, rather than routine maintenance and monitoring.

We help get you to the cloud with Migration Engineering. We help you own the cloud with DevOps.

The cloud is more scalable and agile than traditional computing models. Resources can be spun up or down quickly; upgrades and security patches pushed across an enterprise in an instant.

DevOps turns cloud technology into maximum mission empowerment. The collaborative processes decrease deployment times and increase enterprise flexibility, allowing your enterprise to react at the speed of mission demands.

Continuous integration dramatically reduces errors, which increases enterprise availability and up-time.