CHANTILLY, Va., Jan. 28, 2013— NJVC, an information technology solutions provider headquartered in Northern Virginia, today kicked off its observance of Data Privacy Day by inviting organizations to download a free white paper entitled “Cyber Security: The Importance of Cyber Analytics.” Data Privacy Day is a worldwide initiative celebrated every January 28 to raise awareness among businesses, governments and the general public about practices and technologies they can use to protect themselves and their information from prying eyes.

As high-profile data breaches and cyber security incidents accelerate in depth and scope, the responsibility for data stewardship and protecting IT systems from attacks has increased exponentially, placing both public and private organizations at significant risk.  The NJVC white paper explores how and why continual, comprehensive security metrics and cyber analytics, as well as human vigilance, are necessary for tracking IT system anomalies and cyber threats before enterprises are adversely affected.  

Cyber analytics ensure that only authorized users have access to specific data. The only way an organization or individual can be sure that data privacy is respected and enforced is through a robust set of security metrics that analyze and monitor compliance regularly, according to Robert J. Michalsky, principal, NJVC cyber security, and author of the white paper.

“As a champion of Data Privacy Day, NJVC hopes this white paper will serve as a best practice for minimizing organizational exposure to data leaks,” Michalsky said. “Securing data is a responsibility we all share because so much critical, personally identifiable information is stored across a wide range of public and private systems. At the enterprise level, keeping data safe means granting access for specific types of data to specific people who require access to do their jobs, and monitoring this access continuously. “

The federal government and private-sector industries — from healthcare to finance and banking—adhere to different regulations governing the types of data requiring protection and how that data is safeguarded.  Having a solid enterprise security framework in place significantly improves the likelihood of privacy procedures and policies being followed, Michalsky said.

According to the white paper, the five steps required to secure an enterprise are:

  1. Inventory
  2. Assessment
  3. Establish security framework
  4. Cyber analytics
  5. Deployment

The NJVC Cyber Dashboard addresses the complex challenge of maintaining constant vigilance against real-time threats, such as advanced persistent threats, while identifying zero-day exploits and other intrusion attempts. This completely customizable monitoring tool provides an integrated view of the entire enterprise, and can provide alerts when unusual activity occurs. Since the monitoring occurs in near-real time, a potential threat is visible at the earliest possible time, which increases the chances of mitigating or eliminating the threat before it can negatively impact the enterprise.

Download “Cyber Security: The Importance of Cyber Analytics” at All NJVC white papers can be accessed at

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