IT Service Management (ITSM)

NJVC is the engine of enterprise IT Service Management. We operate and unify customers’ ITSM processes to reduce errors and mean time to resolution while optimizing workflow, increasing self-service capabilities and improving overall enterprise performance. We deliver customers cohesive, cost-effective ITSM, mission proven in demanding, secure environments where time saved is a matter of mission need, not convenience.

Whether simple tasks like service ticketing or complex requirements like change requests and configuration management, our ITILv3 compliant workflows ensure streamlined, repeatable processes. Our ITSM expertise is more than just a tool, it's enterprise oversight of all potential impacts to mission caused by service interruptions.


ITSM Unified

NJVC assesses customer enterprises to find areas for integration, combining tools, processes and people to transform individual help desks into highly functional consolidated solution centers. Integrated tools foster integrated projects and simpler interactions between end users and mission support, increasing efficiency throughout the enterprise. Better integration between Tier 0 support and ITSM means less time required of Tier 1 technicians, resulting in overhead reduced or re-purposed to more pressing mission challenges.


Automating Service Management

NJVC automates customer workflows through skills-based routing to eliminate feedback loops. We automate metrics collection to ensure programmed support levels meet customer expectations and service-level agreements (SLAs), as well as increase transparency of service performance. We expedite service restoral and increase functionality of self-service portals to reduce service desk overhead and allow technicians to focus on mission critical needs while saving customers time and money. Our ITILv3 compliant automated workflows can correctly route tickets from Tier 0 self-help to the correct endpoint.


Eye on Visibility

Our enterprise ITSM helps simplify the complex and constantly moving enterprise by maximizing visibility into the enterprise. Role-based dashboards provide at-a-glance status updates, so no ITSM need, from service tickets through system-wide changes, happen out of sight to the customer. 


Empower the End User

We deploy extensive self-service capabilities and knowledge management databases to put the power of the enterprise in the hands of the end user. Automated password resets and on-demand downloads increase productivity. Customer feedback and virtual help desk assistants improve resolution accuracy. We help the end user meet objectives without waiting for help. Then we amplify end-user impact through feedback mechanisms and user crowdsourcing, allowing users to determine which tools best fulfill their needs. 

The result is a continually improving ITSM process and an increasingly efficient enterprise.