Migration Engineering: Building the Road to the Cloud

Migration EngineeringSM is an interdisciplinary approach to move existing business applications, software and data into a cloud computing environment.

For federal agencies, getting to the cloud has long been an act as much of exploration as of technology.

And, like most explorations, the cloud was a destination with no roadmap.

“There were mandates to deploy cloud solutions, but no specific approach to get there,” says NJVC’s Director of Cloud Migration Kathy Hall. “Each project starts from scratch, which means additional time and expense, risks to mission and uneven, sometimes disappointing results." 

Migration engineering is standardizing the path to the cloud, making the benefits of cloud computing readily available for a wide range of IT projects.
  • Proven process ensures migration without threat to mission
  • Faster time to live for cloud projects
  • Increases mission capability by leveraging benefits of the cloud
  • Standardized approach makes cloud migration possible even for agencies without dedicated in-house cloud experts

NJVC created Migration Engineering so projects headed to the cloud don't simply get lost in the fog.  

Migration Engineering standardizes the way applications, software and data move to the cloud, turning the meandering paths into a highway, accessible by any agency regardless of size or cloud maturity. As the first IT services provider to conduct systems, applications and data migrations on an agency-wide scale for the federal government, only NJVC offers proven Migration Engineering services that address the unique mission aspects of migration to the cloud.

"What we’ve learned is that your success in the cloud depends on how get to the cloud,” Hall says. 

Migration Engineering not only simplifies and defines the method for getting to the cloud, but it allows customers to unleash the full capability of a cloud-centric enterprise, enhancing mission capability rather than simply changing the location of infrastructure, data or applications.

“Moving to the cloud isn’t just about changing the delivery medium any more than transportation changing from horses to cars was just about the medium of travel,” says Hall. “Cloud computing allows additional capability. Migration Engineering helps customers understand what’s possible in a cloud enterprise and lets them build optimized IT for their mission.”

Designed with the lessons learned over 15 years of providing highly available, mission critical technology for defense and intelligence customers, Migration Engineering delivers the power of the cloud without compromising mission.

“Migration Engineering was developed to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of migrating service delivery functions from an existing construction into a secure cloud architecture while preserving the users’ concepts of operations and precluding service disruption and degradation,” NJVC Vice President Fred Turman says.

“We approach every project with the understanding that mission assurance is non-negotiable.”


How It Works


With NJVC’s Migration Engineering services, each migration program is performed according to a plan that comprehensively addresses the purpose, nature, business context and uses of the migrating system functions. NJVC's service model drives focused engagement with application providers and other stakeholders, mission and performance requirements analysis, and post-transition IT maintenance planning and management.

Each migration is conducted as a unique program, tailored to the individual mission aspects of the system and circumstances.   

NJVC's Migration Engineering provides expert insight and proven processes to agencies of all sizes, regardless of cloud maturity, helping avoid the implementation mistakes that often cause cloud projects to under-perform.

"Your success in the cloud depends on how you get to the cloud."
-Kathy Hall, Director NJVC Cloud Migration & Hybrid IT 

“Migration Engineering services are specifically designed to fulfill the needs of government and commercial organizations that seek to benefit from the low prices and economies of scale of cloud technology, but don’t have access to the engineering expertise, best practices and tools necessary to transfer mission-critical applications and data without placing operations at risk," Turman says.

As every customers’ mission has its own requirements and needs, Migration Engineering delivers a custom solution through a standardized process. Customer focus and a core commitment to cyber security mean even the most mission-critical applications, systems and data can find an optimized home in the cloud.

The result is cloud migration that ensures mission continuity while enhancing capability. It's getting to the cloud, not only with a map, but with a specific address in mind. It's a repeatable process that brings the cloud within reach for any project, without starting from scratch again and again.

“We don't reinvent the wheel,” Turman says. “We engineer it for the cloud.”


Kathy HallKathy Hall, NJVC

Kathy Hall is NJVC's director of cloud migration and hybrid IT transformation & optimization. For more than two decades, she has helped defense and Intelligence Agency customers deploy advanced IT capability while maintaining security. Read Bio

Fred TurmanFred Turman

Fred Turman is NJVC's vice president, program management. He oversees the company’s team of program managers to execute customer programs and projects. Prior to NJVC, he worked for the government for more than 25 years, most recently with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). Contact Us