• Supporting Our Military a Race NJVC Happy to Run

    July 12th, 2013
Just 12 minutes after sunrise, it was already the sort of muggy day that makes walking the morning air feel like wading through a thick broth.

Yet, at 6 a.m. on July 4, with rays of sunlight racing flat along the streets of Reston, VA, almost highlighting the race to be run, the complaints of NJVC’s three dozen runners and volunteers, who had given up their holiday morning, were about as long (or short) as Uncle Sam’s initials. Only the overcast, humid weather and a few tangled dogtags, given out to each runner, registered as challenges for Team NJVC and volunteers during the Firecracker 5K for the Troops.
“We were happy to do our part to honor our troops on a day that is in so many ways a celebration of their contributions,” said NJVC public relations manager, team captain and enthusiastic race runner Michelle Snyder. “Everyone at NJVC considered it an honor to run or volunteer.”
NJVC served as a corporate sponsor of the event, whose proceeds went to the USO of Metropolitan Washington.
More importantly, NJVC served as an enthusiastic participant. The company’s 24 runners marked the largest corporate team in the 2,500 participant race, while the 11 volunteers helped stage the event, passing out detangled dog tags and kids' medals at the end of the race.
“We were very proud of the turnout of our team for this event, particularly considering it is the first year of NJVC's sponsorship,” Snyder said. “We believe it further demonstrates our commitment to the military—something that is at the very core of why NJVC was founded.”
For some, it was a family affair. NJVC’s team of runners included a spouse, father-son and father-daughter duos.
For all involved, it was a time to turn a day off into a day of tribute.
Start to finish, from a color guard at the head of the race, to the participant dog tags at its end, it was a race in honor of our military. Many of the 2,500 participants and dozens of volunteers signed a large banner to be sent to troops in-theater as a small token of gratitude for those celebrating the Fourth so far from home.

As an IT solutions provider to the intelligence and defense communities, as well as the commercial marketplace, NJVC was born out of the mission to support our defense and intelligence communities.
More than a decade later, service to our nation and gratitude to our troops remains one the defining elements of our corporate DNA.
NJVC is proud to have veterans employed throughout our ranks, including in senior leadership, offering former military the opportunity to continue serving the needs of our armed forces, even if out of uniform. Due to the sensitive nature of our work, NJVC actively encourages highly cleared former service members to join our team supporting those still in service.
Through NJVCares, our corporate charitable giving organization, NJVC raises money year round for the USO, whose primary focus is to lift the spirits of our nation’s service members and their families. In 2012, NJVC raised more than $50,000 for the organization, a goal NJVCares is hopes to surpass in 2013.
On July 4, NJVC was proud to have veterans and a reservist running its group, which also included employees across the breadth of NJVC's commercial and public services.
Some ran the times they didn’t, some didn’t and some paid no attention to the clock at all.
But on a day meant to support troops, there were no complaints. There was just one big NJVC team proudly supporting our nation’s team.