When your mission is critical, IT is always at its center.

NJVC unveiled its “Mission CrITical” digital platform Tuesday for the opening of the GEOINT 2015 Symposium in Washington D.C., the nation’s largest yearly gathering of intelligence officials.

The Mission CrITical site features an interactive video experience where IT is front and center in mission critical, with the letters IT rising to form two three story buildings. Each floor has an overviews of one of our four core capability areas – cyber security, cloud migration, enterprise management & monitoring, and hybrid IT transformation and optimization – as well as Servicefront, our innovative user experience portal, and IT automation, a core concept that supports each of our offerings, and the backbone of the modern, integrated IT.

“NJVC is the engine of the secure, mission-enabled enterprise, and our Mission CrITical site reinforces the core role enterprise solutions plays in our nation’s most essential missions,” Ray Holloman, NJVC’s digital and marketing lead said. “IT has become both so advanced and so integrated into every federal mission; it’s easy to overlook. The better companies are at providing seamless IT, the easier it is to not think about IT. Mission CrITical puts the focus on the ability of IT not only to support mission, but to help drive it.

“When your mission is critical, so is your IT.”

Since 2000, NJVC has been a partner of choice for national security missions and customers with secure requirements, helping redefine the federal enterprise during 15 years of IT revolution.

“At NJVC, our solutions offer more than just technology,” Holloman said. “It’s collaboration with a partner that has helped customers optimize mission as IT has grown from server rooms to the center of the enterprise, in data centers in cloud and in hybrid environments. It’s deep commitment to the mission from a company built for the needs of federal customers. It’s maintaining enterprises that are continually mission-aligned, which lets customers focus only on their mission, not their IT."

Mission CrITical reflects NJVC’s realigned IT portfolio, built on two simple premises. We provide customers the world’s most advanced and custom-fit IT through cloud migration and hybrid IT transformation & optimization. and we provide the most seamless, secure management through cyber security and enterprise management & monitoring.

Mission CrITical is the latest digital marketing initiative from NJVC, following the relaunch of NJVC.com in early June.

“NJVC has always provided exceptional service to our customers and put customer mission above all else,” Holloman said. “We want to be sure that message reaches every potential customer and partner. We believe our optimized IT solutions and simplified management can help drive customer success and advance critical missions everywhere.”