• The Frustration Free Enterprise Is Built on Servicefront (and Hockey)

    By August 19th, 2015

It may sound strange to compare software to a hockey team, but stick (hockey stick, get it?) with me.

One thing I really like about Servicefront is its ability to swap back-office applications while not impacting the user (our hockey fan). Just like sending in a replacement left wing, upgrading to a new IT ticketing system is seamless to the user, the interface is unchanged, there is no down time, and the new system knows its role in the enterprise. There are no long periods of waiting while the new system comes online. The new system has been in (hockey) development camp for a while and is now getting called to the big game. It has the same uniform (look and feel) as the system it replaced and maybe a new bell or whistle. If fans, our users, aren’t playing close attention, they might not even notice.

Servicefront can also handle bigger enterprise system swaps in the same manner, like a hockey trade deal. A new financial system always meant user frustration, the need for training on the new system, and drops in productivity. Often, there's even some resentment because the users were comfortable with the old system they knew and liked. It always seemed to take some time to integrate the new player into the team. Because Servicefront abstracts the user interface from the enterprise system, the user layer can remain consistent, just like giving a new player the new team’s sweater. (Don't call it a jersey. Please.)

Unlike the NHL, Servicefront isn’t constrained by salary caps and you can have as many data bridges to as many portals, applications, systems or cloud services as you want or need. Physical constraints, like living in the same area, aren’t needed either. Servicefront can handle your on-premises enterprise, your remote data center and your multiple cloud environments through one interface and one login, the perfect tool for a traditional or hybrid enterprise.

Servicefront also serves as the head coach for your mission tools, applications and resources, bringing everything together to form a cohesive team. Further, the end-user personalization means every user can act as a coach, arranging the resources and dashboards they use into the most effective lineup with one goal in mind, to provide absolute freedom from frustration.

About the Author CJ Johnson, Servicefront Solutions Architect

CJ Johnson is a senior solutions architect at NJVC and is leading NJVC's efforts to reinvent enterprise IT. She has solved IT challenges for the federal government across three continents and in four languages for more than 20 years. She is an ardent hockey fan (and is known to live stream games at 0230).