At NJVC, IT means innovative technology.

If you live in the Washington, D.C. area, this post is probably not the first time you've heard that sentiment. Those six words start our latest ad campaign on area radio stations.

While you'll hear it often in the coming weeks, we promise not to venture into HeadOn territory.

What we do hope to accomplish, however, is to find more of our next generation of idea makers. When we staff positions for our intelligence, defense and federal civilian customers as well as our own corporate offices, we seek those who make differences through ideas. Technical achievement is required, of course, often security clearances and any range of certifications, but to stand out from the rest, we seek to identify candidates who produce solutions, not just fixes.

We look for those who make IT into innovation technology.

"This is an ideas economy, and we're always searching for our next great idea starter," says John Herweh, a vice president in human capital. "We're looking not only for staff who are technically proficient, but who can synthesize components of technology into breakthrough solutions for our customers. That's the NJVC value proposition."

After all, at NJVC, innovation is what we do. We take IT from the enterprise level down to the task level and find a way to make it work better and more efficiently through IT automation, services integration and expert engineering. We're vendor-independent, focused only on our customer's mission success, a unique proposition for a 1,300+ employee systems integrator in an arena loaded with vendors pushing their own platforms. Our solutions introduce agility into the federal arena, as we're focused on finding the best outcome for our customers, not waiting for the latest version release of our own engineering.

At NJVC, we worry about our customers' IT enterprise and make IT our mission because, as a federal agency, IT isn't in your mission statement. 

NJVC: Driven By Your Mission. Powered by Innovation.

Stop us if you've heard that before.


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