At NJVC, we’ve grown from a single contract to a large company with a simple goal: Make IT work for your mission, rather than make your mission work for IT.

As a systems integrator with a focus on continual IT optimization, we look for opportunities to reduce the drag of inefficient IT. With our latest partnership announcement, we feel like we’ve once again offered our customers an increased level of tailor-fit IT.

Today, we announced Amazon Web Services (AWS) accepted NJVC as a standard tier consulting partner of the Amazon Partner Network (APN)

For NJVC, it’s more than an acknowledgement of AWS’ central role in cloud solutions, it’s another step to provide better service to our customers.

We spoke to NJVC Chief Information Officer Pete Jeanmougin to explain what this partnership means for our future and current customers.

Q: How does inclusion in the APN standard tier benefit our customers?

A: By including the Amazon offerings within the NJVC standard solution sets, we are able to increase the value and flexibility that we have in solving our customers IT needs. Hybrid cloud solutions allow for a mix of pricing models and service delivery models that we can customize enabling us to help realize a customer’s strategic vision.

Q: Why is the NJVC and Amazon relationship compelling?

A: NJVC has a long history of working to optimize customers' IT environment. We excel at integrating heterogeneous environments and optimizing their performance. The inclusion of the Amazon services augments the technology solutions that we can provide and will allow us to accelerate the modernization of a customer’s IT Application and infrastructure portfolio.

Q: What does the growth in AWS and cloud computing solutions say about cloud adoption in the federal landscape?

A: Clearly cloud computing has moved into the mainstream and is evolving to become the computing platform of choice. As part of our continuous evaluation of technology, NJVC has incorporated and embraced cloud services into our solutions. Through tools such as Servicefront™ we unify the presentation of IT services from an ever more complex hybrid IT infrastructure.